About CoBank

Mission and Value Proposition

Mission Statement

As an integral member of the Farm Credit System, our mission is to serve as a dependable provider of credit and other value-added financial services to agriculture and rural infrastructure businesses for the benefit of rural America.

Our Value Proposition

CoBank is a financially strong, dependable, cooperative bank that provides credit and financial solutions to rural America.  We are knowledgeable, responsive and committed to enhancing our capacity to deliver a superior customer experience and competitively priced products, while maintaining the safety and soundness of the bank for future generations.  We consistently demonstrate our focus on rural America, repeatedly strive to be a trusted advisor for our customers and a trusted partner for those with whom we do business, while providing a meaningful consistent return on shareholders’ investment and ownership in CoBank.

Our Core Values

Board members and associates of CoBank are committed to core values that are essential to achieving the bank's mission and vital to delivering on its value proposition:

Integrity — Honesty, trust and adherence to strong ethical standards are at the heart of everything we do. We conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner, ensuring that our behavior in all matters is above reproach. We strive to maintain relationships with customers, associates, and partners that are sincere, honest and transparent.  While our business is highly competitive and we must aggressively seek to maintain and grow our relationships, we will compete fairly and respectfully in the markets we serve.  In doing so, we respect the importance of individual privacy and the safekeeping of confidential information.

Human Equity — At CoBank, our approach to attracting, retaining, and valuing our associates reaches beyond the traditional construct of diversity and inclusion to the concept of Human Equity.  Human Equity commits us to an appreciation of the unique characteristics and strengths that each of our associates brings to the business, in order to strengthen our organization and enhance the value and service we provide to our stakeholders.  The awareness and welcoming of unique perspectives, experiences and skills help us foster an environment of inclusion, where our differences are respected and appreciated, in order to maximize each associate’s engagement and performance. 

Personal Excellence/Accountability — Every director and associate is critical to the success of our organization and is committed to the highest level of professional and personal performance.  We expect each to take responsibility for their decisions and actions.  As a cooperative bank and as a model corporate citizen, we consider customer, shareholder, partner, colleague and community needs in all decisions.

Teamwork — We believe in putting the goals of CoBank and the Farm Credit System before the goals of any individual person or group of persons. In doing so, we accomplish far more as a team than as individuals.

Mission Enrichment — As a member of a Government Sponsored Enterprise and a cooperative, we are driven every day to achieve our public policy purpose and live by the seven cooperative principles.  We recognize the diversity of our customer base, which includes agricultural cooperatives, producers, other agribusinesses, Farm Credit System banks and associations, and rural infrastructure service providers of differing sizes, market sectors and business philosophies.  We rely on cooperative principles as beacons to do the right things, provide lasting value, go beyond merely fulfilling our mission and demonstrating concern for the communities and rural areas we serve.

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