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As a member-owner of CoBank, you have access to the Knowledge Exchange Division's (KED) proprietary reports that identify and assess industry trends, structural change or new policy initiatives for agribusinesses and rural power, water and communications providers

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Industry Centers of Excellence

Animal Protein
The Animal Protein Center of Excellence provides strategic information related to the beef, pork and poultry sectors. The group analyzes the key factors that are shaping the livestock and poultry industries, including those related to supply and demand, structural change, and policy.

The Communications Center of Excellence focuses on the many facets of the rural communications industry, including the wireline, wireless, and cable segments. The group also examines the wide-ranging effects of regulatory and legislative actions on the rural communications marketplace.

Dairy Processing and Production
The Dairy Processing and Production Center of Excellence focuses on the structural issues surrounding the processing and marketing of U.S. dairy products, both from the domestic and export market perspective.

Grain and Farm Supply
The Grain and Farm Supply Center of Excellence provides strategic insights related to the corn, soybean, wheat, biofuel, and farm input industries. The group analyzes key developments within the sectors pertaining to production, processing, markets, policy and trade.

Power, Energy and Water
The Power, Energy and Water Center of Excellence focuses on issues involving the rural electric and water utility industries. The group analyzes trends and structural change in electricity generation including fossil-fuel electricity generation, renewable energy, transmission and distribution, and the regulatory and policy environments. In addition, the group also analyzes issues related to the rural water industries, both from the water utility perspective and from a broader rural economy perspective.

Specialty Crops
The Specialty Crops Center of Excellence focuses on the production, packaging, distribution, marketing and retailing of horticultural products. The group analyses both macro issues impacting the industry as a whole, as well as concerns specific to individual crops, including tree fruits and nuts, greenhouse and farm grown fruits and vegetables, grapes and vineyards.

The Quarterly Rural Economic Review
KED economists prepare a quarterly overview of all the key agricultural and rural infrastructure industries that CoBank serves. These industry updates emphasize prospective market conditions, highlighting both the key risks and emerging opportunities likely to occur during the upcoming six to twelve months. Everyone who signs up to receive KED’s industry reports will also receive this publication.

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